rough diamond ring(sawable)/1511-047
rough diamond ring(sawable)/1511-047

rough diamond ring(sawable)/1511-047


ラフ ダイヤモンド リング (ソーヤブル)

material : K18WG/K18YG
Diamond : 0.67
size : #14
made in japan




‘Sawable’ diamonds are high-quality octahedral crystals that look like two pyramids stuck together and can be easily sawn in two parts. Most ‘sawable’ diamonds are mined in Russia. Only about 10% of gem-quality rough diamonds are ‘sawable.’ The diamond is framed along the edge to emphasize its‘sawable’ shape. The matte finish of the 18K gold enhances the shine of the diamond. With this ring, you can enjoy the pure, natural beauty of the rough diamond.