表参道の駅から歩いて直ぐのところにTRANSHIP JEWELRYはあります。
「表参道」駅 A2出口 徒歩2分 「明治神宮前」駅 エレベーター口 徒歩5分 「原宿」駅 表参道口 徒歩8分
TRANSHIP JEWELRY is located nearby Omotesando station. An olive tree which is placed at the entrance of the shop,
along with the antique jewelry display box, serves a landmark for you to find where we are.
While employing concrete, iron and reused material for industrial use to design the shop space,we infuse Art Deco taste
into the space with the prints of George Barbier and antique furniture so that our customers can enjoy choosing jewelry
in a lovely relaxing atmosphere.
Please feel free to ask us about the reform of your unused jewelry and semi-tailored jewelry.

2 minutes’ walk from A2 Exit of Omotesando station
5 minutes’ walk from Meiji-jingumae station
8 minutes’ walk from Harajuku station

TRANSHIP JEWELRYではオーダーやリフォームに関するご相談やご試着をご希望のお客様へご来店予約を承っております。当日は知識豊富なスタッフがご対応させていただきます。

OPEN: 12:00〜19:00 / CLOSE:火 Tuesday

ADDRESS : 150-0001
東京都渋谷区神宮前4-13-6 (4-13-6 Jingumae Shibuya-ku Tokyo)
TEL:03-5770-4114 / FAX:03-5770-4115